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Autonomous Driving

The autonomous driving revolution will not only revolutionise the future automotive landscape. It also has a decisive influence on the mobility of tomorrow for people and goods alike. This is exactly where your project meets our expertise and many years of experience in the field of highly developed driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. We accompany you from the idea and conception to the realization of your projects. We are your experienced contact for tailor-made software solutions for data connection, data recording and data pre-processing as well as the analysis, visualisation and simulation of data. Using ADTF3, ROS2 and other automotive frameworks, we develop real-time solutions for you that meet the latest requirements of a driverless future.

Our core competencies:

  • Data acquisition and data synchronization
  • Localization in high precision maps and LDM (environment model) creation
  • Scenario Generation
  • Data visualization and data modelling
  • Simulation (VTD, CarMaker, Carla)
  • Route Planning

Multisensor Data Fusion

Modern vehicle environment sensors have become an indispensable part of today’s vehicles. With their help, comprehensive information about the vehicle environment, such as road users, road markings and obstacles, is collected, enabling predictive vision and a situation analysis based on it. The experts at Sedenius Engineering create the appropriate environmental models based on your sensors, which represent traffic scenarios as realistically as possible. Our strength lies in the development of sophisticated algorithms to exploit the full information potential of your vehicle sensors. In addition, we support you in planning and implementing efficient fusion processes. With our comprehensive know-how in the areas of object fusion, track fusion, image processing and the application of the Kalman filter, we develop effective and tailor-made solutions for you. 

Our core competencies:

  • Bus systems: CAN, CAN-FD, Flexray, Automotive Ethernet, SomeIP and others 
  • Bus descriptions: ARXML (Autosar), Fibex, DBC
  • Fusion algorithms: Kalman filter, Dempster-Shafer, numerical optimization
  • Development with C++ (up to C++23), Boost, OpenCV and other popular libraries under Windows and Linux 
  • Implementation with ROS2 and ADTF3

Virtual Test Drives

Virtual driving tests enable you to transfer real test scenarios realistically into the virtual world. This allows you to significantly reduce the time, cost and effort involved in developing your vehicle. Our team of experts supports you in setting up, expanding and automating virtual test drives. With the help of our profound project experience with the simulation software VTD (Virtual Test Drive), CarMaker and Carla, we help you to find the ideal simulation solution for you. On request, we can integrate virtual sensor models for you or create suitable 3D worlds from freely accessible or supplied map material. In order to successfully test ECUs using HiL (Hardware in the Loop), we create the optimal conditions for you by converting your existing data into the appropriate format.

Our core competencies:

  • Create customized driving simulations using VTD (Virtual Test Drive), CarMaker and Carla
  • Modelling and implementation of virtual sensors 
  • Ensuring HiL Reproducible Virtual Recordings by Transferring Video
  • Manual control of the vehicle in Live-HiL
  • Development and integration of plugins and adapters  
  • Creation of customer-specific 3D worlds (Roadrunner)
  • Configurations by feeding in control signals from HIDs
  • Lidar and radar data and common vehicle buses into the correct format 

Support for Test Drives

Support for test drives Sedenius Technologies is your experienced partner for the optimal execution of your test drives. Our team has many years of experience in the development of software for recording and monitoring test and acquisition drives. Our special focus is on the acquisition of reproducible recordings. According to your wishes and requirements, we support you with live visualizations and the realization of lossless data compression in real-time.

When implementing live visualizations, we can decode and display status and sensor data, debug and vehicle bus data, among other data types, in real-time for you. Upon request, we can implement additional functionalities for you, such as the monitoring of existing data for consistency and the availability of the required signals for recommendations to the driver team. In addition, we develop user-oriented graphical user interfaces to optimally control recordings and create label data.

Our core competencies:

  •  Recording with live compression and synchronization
  • Live visualization of all relevant data
  •  Pre/live labeling in the acquisition
  • Real-time data decoding
  • Bus systems: CAN, CAN-FD, Flexray, Automotive Ethernet, SomeIP and others 
  • Bus descriptions: ARXML (Autosar), Fibex, DBC
  • Robustness and reliability 
  • Live error detection
  • Generation of statistics (amount of congestion, night driving, city driving, …)
  • User Oriented Implementations
  • Development with C++ (up to C++23), Python / Django, Java, Javascript / node.js

Artificial Intelligence

Automation has a decisive influence on the future of mobility. With our distinctive know-how of the latest machine learning techniques and technologies, such as the use of deep neural networks (Deep Learning), reinforcing learning (Reinforcement Learning) and the implementation of Generative Adversarial Networks, we develop the right solution for you beyond conventional software development. We support your project from precise localization and collision avoidance to gesture and voice control, fatigue detection and visual data analysis. Join the latest paradigm shift in the automotive industry with Sedenius Engineering.  

Our core competencies:

  • Point cloud generation and classification
  • Object recognition and localization
  • Object detection and tracking
  • Development with C++ (up to C++23) & Python
  • Hardware connection and testing


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