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Your development partner at eye level

Sedenius Engineering is a specialist in intelligent and comprehensive solutions in the field of autonomous driving and autonomous transport systems. We provide an extensive range of services for manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers in the automotive and logistics industry, as well as public transportation systems, focusing on the mobility and smart logistics of the future.

Founded in 2012 in Ingolstadt, Sedenius Engineering aimed to shape the development of self-driving vehicles. The company is now based in the center of Leipzig, a dynamic, forward-thinking, and livable city. Our strong team of highly specialized developers and engineers is working towards the vision of developing self-driving (transport) vehicles for a self-determined autonomous future. With dedication and innovation, we confront the challenges of the future of mobility, which will bring about significant societal, economic, and ecological changes with autonomous systems. Multimodal transport, sharing economy, system integration, platform economy, artificial intelligence, handling massive data sets, and the need for high transmission rates are increasingly crucial for both private and public vehicle use. In these areas, we offer our customers comprehensive consulting, conceptualization, and development services—reliable, individualized, and tailored to your needs.

Starting as a service provider for smaller individual projects in the field of driver assistance systems and environmental simulation, Sedenius Engineering has evolved into a specialized provider of solutions in the field of autonomous systems. As a service provider and supplier of innovative product solutions for autonomous transport systems, we offer our industry-wide expertise in the fields of automotive, transportation systems, and logistics.