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Study on job satisfaction at Sedenius

Satisfied employees are an important prerequisite for the success of a company. But what exactly makes an optimal working environment apart from an appropriate salary, additional benefits and recognition in the job?

In cooperation with Jessica Winkler, a student of the Master’s programme in Human Resources Management, Sedenius is now investigating this question in more detail. As part of her final thesis, Jessica is conducting an empirical study on the subject of “Good work in the IT sector”. The focus is on job satisfaction, which she wants to fathom using Sedenius as an example.  What exactly makes our employees satisfied, and where is there potential for improvement? In order to find answers to these questions, Jessica conducts individual interviews with each team member. She processes the interviews in anonymous form in her master’s thesis.

We hope that the results will provide us with a solid basis on which to better understand the needs of our team members and identify areas for improvement.

We wish Jessica every success with her master thesis and informative and profitable results!