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Decoding and Encoding on High-Level

Our Sedenius Vehicle Bus Library is designed for fast encoding and decoding of common bus data
in automotive industry. With the support of a wide range of communication technologies this
library builds the ideal interface in the development of autonomous systems. The easy setup and
customization enables a flexibility needed for fast prototype processes.

Customizable Interface

  • Simply drag and drop to edit the the needed signals from the database
  • For a quick setup: the interface is automatically generated from the Vehicle Bus Description
  • Or the signals are mapped to your own data structure
  • Get full control: by defining encoder trigger conditions for sending collected data

Wide range of network support for encoding and decoding

  • Supported Bus Types: CAN, CAN FD, FleyRay, SOME/IP, TAPI and DLT*
  • Supported Network Definition Files: DBC, ARXML, FIBEX
  • Raw Value Macro offers the possibility to keep the raw values
  • Support of multiplexed signals, text table values, channel mapping, channel filtering,...
  • Very fast database parsing
  • Wide range of trigger and sending options of the encoded/decoded values/stucts

Flexible in Integration

  • Select between ready to use ROS 2 nodes and ADTF 3 filters
  • The dynamic C++ library for embedding in your own application
  • Running on Linux and Windows

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Protocol / ParserDBCARXMLFIBEX

* For further information see the network file dependency table
** Can be supported on request.