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Sedenius ADTF CAN-FD Toolbox

Increase your productivity with smart extensions for ROS and ADTF


Sedenius ADTF CAN-FD Toolbox

With our Sedenius ADTF CAN-FD Toolbox you can process and visualize your CAN-FD data. This provides software developers with a comprehensive and high-performance SDK.

Mature ADTF components allow development engineers to decode and visualize ADTF CAN-FD data. The two graphical views, the CAN-FD ListTreeView and the CAN-FD TraceTreeView, allow you to analyze and visualize raw data, physical values and data rates. Let you display signals and messages graphically in our specially developedADTF Signal View. Our integrated CAN-FD generator allows you to easily generate raw data based on physical values and feed CAN-FD data into other components such as HiL and SiL systems.

Technical data:

  • DBC and ARXML support
  • Compatibility to ADTF 2.x 64 Bit
  • Support from the ADTF Signal Registry service
  • Out of the Box support of PeakCAN, VectorCAN , SocketCAN
  • Support for Windows and Linux systems

Sedenius ADTF CAN-FD Toolbox Features

CANFD Generator

CAN-FD DataStream Generator

The Sedenius Engineering ADTF CAN-FD Toolbox also comes with a CAN-FD Generator filter to generate CAN-FD data stream via GUI on runtime. It can be used for simple data generation tasks e.g. in the environment of filter development / hardware testing

Integration of CAN-FD Signals

Signals decoded from CAN-FD data stream are seamlessly integrated into ADTF signal registry. In the same way signals decoded using AUTOSAR database are also seamlessly integrated into ADTF signal registry.These signals can then be visualized in the ADTF Signal View and monitored by the ADTF Watchdog Functionality

CAN-FD List Tree View and Trace Tree View

The Sedenius Engineering ADTF CAN-FD Toolbox provides two GUI views for visualization of CAN-FD Data stream. The views also allow the visualization of decoded signal values. Signals are arranged in a hierarchy of Pins, Filters, Message ID for efficient reading of data

CAN FD data stream processing

The Sedenius Engineering ADTF CAN-FD Toolbox provides hardware-access filters to get CAN-FD input from various CAN devices such as PeakCAN, VectorCAN and SocketCAN.

CANFD AutoSAR connectivity

Support for AUTOSAR

AUTOSAR is now the industry standard in automotive data exchange. The SE ADTF CAN-FD Toolbox provides functionality for parsing of databases encoded in AUTOSAR format. The parsed databases are integrated with the ADTF system seamlessly.


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