Release of Advanced ROS Player

We are happy to present our first official product to the ROS environment.


Further Information can be found behind the following link: Advanced ROS Player


Fresh fruit throughout the day

It is well known that fruit is healthy and, in addition, tasty. We therefore provide our team members besides drinks-for-free with fresh fruit and thus hope to foster a healthy diet.

Now we are all the more pleased to have found a fruit provider who supplies us with a regional fruit mix several times a week. With this we are making a small contribution to strengthening fruit growers in our area and helping to reduce fuel consumption through shorter transport distances.

Fresh fruit basket

Switch to sustainably produced green electricity

Environmental protection is an issue that concerns us all. We also make our contribution. Since 01.03.2019 we have been using sustainably generated green electricity for our company. Our green electricity is primarily generated from hydroelectric power. This means: no greenhouse gases and no nuclear waste.
Thus we can proudly claim that we will have approx. 6.1t CO² savings through this electricity alone.


Kick-off to the ABSOLUT project

Today, Monday, 11.3.2019, the official starting shot of the research project ABSOLUT will be fired during the kick-off event.
The research project includes the development of an autonomous vehicle for the transport of people in the north of Leipzig. An area between the Leipzig Exhibition Centre and the local BMW plant will serve as a test track. The vehicle is able to transport people according to demand and at local speeds.
Sedenius Engineering GmbH is involved in the fields of sensor data fusion, measurement technology for recording and reproducing data streams, as well as in the field of validation with the aid of environment simulation.

Further details can be found at .

Sedenius promotes committed students in the 2018/2019 academic year

We are glad to be again sponsor of the German scholarship programme Deutschlandstipendium in the academic year of 2018/2019. As in the past year, we support two students of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK). It is for the first time, however, that we promote a student of the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg (HoMe).

The scholarship programme is an excellent opportunity for us to support very motivated and high-performing students of our region and to possibly win young talents at an early stage. Each scholarship holder of the Deutschlandstipendium receives a sponsorship amount of 3,600 euros for the duration of one academic year. This amount is equally shared between the promoting company and the German federal government and paid to the students in twelve identical monthly instalments.

As a sponsoring company we were invited to the scholarship award ceremony of the HTWK and the HoME. This was a great opportunity for us to make initial contact with our scholarship holders and do some networking with other sponsors. We are looking forward to a lively exchange of knowledge and experience with our students and wish them a lot of success and motivation for their studies. 

Award ceremony at the HTWK Leipzig

Quelle: Swen Reichhold
Marcel Graef by Sedenius Engineering together with our scholarship holders at the award ceremony of the HTWK Leipzig