ADTF offers opportunities

Both in automotive and in industrial environment ADTF (Official name: EB Assist ADTF; Automotive Data- and Timetriggered Framework) has established itself as the standard of measurement software. ADTF is designed to process data of various sources (CAN, video, flexray, and much more) synchronously. In addition of data recording and data playback, ADTF is capable to visualize them accordingly. Sedenius Engineering offers many years of experience in the development of almost all ADTF components (filters, services, applications) and assist you in your projects.

Enclosed are some excerpts of our activity areas:


Input / Device Filter
Here usual new hardware components get connected with ADTF. Those could be video cameras, CAN interfaces and many more.

Processing and Output Filter
Sedenius Engineering developes Processing filter, which can be an easy data plausibility check or complex problems like a complete driver assistance system. In addition we create filters which put your data in perspective. This enables you, to reach your goal successfully. Typically OpenGL and Qt are used intensively as an integral part of our work.

ADTF Services
They provide data, GUIs and tools which are independent from configurations.

Linkage of different systems to ADTF (ADTF to X)
Based on the ADTF message bus, it is possible to let ADTF communicate with the environment. We look forward to support  you on the development of such distributed networks.

Developement of complete ADTF applications We develop your ADTF application. Does't matter whether you want a GUI or a command line tool or if it is based on Windows or Linux.


We will gladly assist you on site or offer you a complete solution.