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How the foil design of our Telsa is created

We want our vehicle to stand out, it should be visible “where” this vehicle belongs. For this purpose, we have created numerous designs with our designer, and we would like to present them to you. You can now see how we created the final design from existing material and new ideas.

The first 5 designs, should be simple, very plain designs. The designs 6-8 are in the design of our advertising trailer, with a strong reference to Leipzig, our location.
The designs are excellent, no question about it, but there was a desire for more conspicuousness. A camouflage design was discussed. These are the designs 9-11. Admittedly, the pink is very daring, but I also liked it very much. But it lacked that certain something. We came to the decision that we should make the vehicle a little brighter, so the colors blue and gray were added. In the 13th design, my wish was realized to also integrate the logo of the company AXON innovations. Designs No. 14 and 15 reflect different variants of the Camouflage design. But the vehicle still looks too bravura.
Inspired by racing motorcycles (rider Rossi) and corresponding merchandising ( 46 – The Doctors), designs were developed that draw on this symbolic language.
Designs 16 and 17 show this, once with the 42 ( as the answer to all questions from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and with the digits 0 and 1, which are quasi the elementary particles of computer science.
We now focus on the 42. In the last design, the gray areas were still divided to visually loosen this up. Furthermore, they were filled with a pattern of 0 and 1.

The vehicle was pasted with a blue metallic effect film, thereby there is a beautiful shimmering effect in the sun. The gray areas are printed.
The 42 stands for the answer to all questions, freely according to the motto, you have questions or problems, we know the answer. The surfaces of the Carmouflage consists of polygons, as they are also used in computer graphics. So of course indirectly the bridge to image processing, computer graphics, simualtion,… is established.
And for the people who want to look at our vehicle up close, there is the surprise of 0 and 1.