Wir lieben ROS und Open Robotics und spenden dafür!

In unserem Alltag ist das Robot Operating System names ROS (www.ros.org) nicht mehr weg zu denken.
Als Experten in den Bereichen Fahresassistenzentwicklung ( FAS), hochautomatisiertes Fahren und autonomes Fahren arbeiten wir tag täglich mit ROS.

Mit unserer Spende von 1.000 € an Open Robotics wollen wir ein kleines zeichen setzen und einfach auch mal Danke sagen. Die Community ist hilfbereit und die Software ist einfach großartig. Ihr seit ein Vorbild wie open source auch im industriellen Umfeld zum Einsatz kommt.

Danke, das Sedenius Team


Sedenius driving simulator at the Mittweida Night of Sciences

Sedenius driving simulator at the Mittweida Night of Sciences

On June 21, 2019, the 11th Night of Sciences took place at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (HSMW) with a manifold programme including cultural and experimental actions for everyone scientifically interested. Upon request from the University, we were pleased to make our driving simulator available for this special event. Its rather elaborate trip to the university was worth it: Our Audi A6 seating box, converted into a simulator, was again a crowd-puller for many curious onlookers and enthusiasts who wanted to participate at an exciting cross rally.

Team training

Sedenius workshop on stress management

Sedenius workshop on stress management

As we know, stress in the daily working routine has a strong impact on somebody's job satisfaction, or dissatisfaction. Since this is an issue we have felt very strongly about, we wanted to make it subject to the next Sedenius team training. Under the motto "Stress at work and measures to reduce stress", our workshop took place at the end of May in Leipzig's beautiful Mädlervilla. We were supported and coached by the Teamhelden, experts in the field of professional team development.

In different teams, we first worked out individual stress factors and their causes. These were then presented and discussed in the big round with all team members. In the final Fishbowl, a discussion round similar to a goldfish bowl, we discussed particular focal points and worked out solutions. Especially worth mentioning was the open and constructive way in which everyone got involved in the group discussions. After the group work we faced the exciting challenge to build a rope bridge over the pond in the estate of the Mädlervilla, and we made it!


The team training met with a very positive response. We were able to take numerous useful tips and ideas and hope to implement lots of them in our daily work. Many thanks to the Teamhelden for their support!


Job Satsfaction

Study on job satisfaction at Sedenius

Study on job satisfaction at Sedenius

Satisfied employees are an important prerequisite for a company's success. But what exactly makes an optimal working environment, apart from adequate salary, additional benefits and appreciation of ones work?

In cooperation with Jessica Winkler, Masters student in Human Resources Management, Sedenius is now getting to the bottom of this question. At the core of her final thesis Jessica is conducting an empirical study on the subject "Good work in the IT sector". The focus is on job satisfaction, which she wants to explore with Sedenius as an example. What exactly makes our employees satisfied, and where is potential for improvement? In order to find answers to these questions, Jessica is conducting individual interviews with each team member. She will then process the interviews in her master's thesis in an anonymized way.

We hope that the results will provide us with a solid basis for better understanding the needs of our team members and uncovering potential for improvement.

We wish for Jessica every success with her Master's thesis, and for us very revealing and profitable results!

Fruits at Sedenius

Fresh fruit throughout the day


Fresh fruit throughout the day

It is well known that fruit is healthy and, in addition, tasty. We therefore provide our team members besides drinks-for-free with fresh fruit and thus hope to foster a healthy diet.

Now we are all the more pleased to have found a fruit provider who supplies us with a regional fruit mix several times a week. With this we are making a small contribution to strengthening fruit growers in our area and helping to reduce fuel consumption through shorter transport distances.