Sedenius workshop on stress management

As we know, stress in the daily working routine has a strong impact on somebody's job satisfaction, or dissatisfaction. Since this is an issue we have felt very strongly about, we wanted to make it subject to the next Sedenius team training. Under the motto "Stress at work and measures to reduce stress", our workshop took place at the end of May in Leipzig's beautiful Mädlervilla. We were supported and coached by the Teamhelden, experts in the field of professional team development.

In different teams, we first worked out individual stress factors and their causes. These were then presented and discussed in the big round with all team members. In the final Fishbowl, a discussion round similar to a goldfish bowl, we discussed particular focal points and worked out solutions. Especially worth mentioning was the open and constructive way in which everyone got involved in the group discussions. After the group work we faced the exciting challenge to build a rope bridge over the pond in the estate of the Mädlervilla, and we made it!


The team training met with a very positive response. We were able to take numerous useful tips and ideas and hope to implement lots of them in our daily work. Many thanks to the Teamhelden for their support!


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