The testing of autonomous systems is an essential task to ensure that the systems work as specified. Sedenius Engineering supports you with all kind of recording solutions, such as prelabel tools and sensor synchronization components, to record replayable test data.

For testing ADAS, real data as well as simulations must be used. Sedenius Engineering will help you generate abstract scenarios from real recordings. We may also derive a variety of further scenarios from these abstract scenarios by combining individual scenarios and by varying parameters.

The scenarios generated are crucial for finding any bad cases in the ADAS. An automatic evaluation using (generated) ground truth data with generation reporting facilitates the testing process.

For a successful and efficient validation of your ADAS components, we will bring your individual testing components together. This is important to prove that your ADAS performs correctly. Sedenius Engineering will be at your side with our testing solutions specially tailored to meet your needs.