The Sedenius Signal Plot Components are a bunch of tool to display and plot easily technical data. The main features are listed below:

  • tool & platforn inpedependent
  • can be easily integrated into other Qt applications, examples are ROS, ADTF, ....
  • each tool can be used separetely
  • flexible data source support


All components uses drag&drop functionality to add/select the data and modity the visualization parameter

Signal Browser

This component allows to see all topics and signals that are able to be monitored. The sources itself are display with help of a Tree View, that also helps to see comley datatypes. A Regex and wildcard based signal search is also implemented.

Signal Monitor

The signal monitor allows to see the selected signals itself within a tree view visualization. Beside the underlaying data type you are able to see some staticstics, like counter, mininum, maximum, average and standard derivation values. The current value will also be shown, of course. All the data that are listed within, can be used for over time visulization ( signal plots). So we have the possiblity to enable plotting, enable data point drawing and to select the style of the symbols like point, diamond, triangle, rectangle and cross. The curve type itself can also be configured, same for color and opacity.


Signal Plot

The signal plot component allows to drawsignal values over time. Horizontal and vertical zoom functionalities are implemented, same as the movint tool, to move the chart position horizontally and vertically. An auto forward curve drawing is also available, same to auto scale functionalitites and draw multiple plot windows. An inspection tool that shows time and values completes the function set.