Driving Simulations

The (virtual) world is at your feet - Integrated into your tool chain and with our know-how

Simulations in virtual worlds are a very important and resource-saving field for modern industry. The automotive industry uses driving simulators e.g. to simulate the movement and behavior of vehicles. These virtual worlds, respectively scenarios, are differentiated in the following three categories: 

  • fully synthetic
  • semi-synthetic
  • realistic 

Depending on the claim and the application we create customized simulation scenarios that are tailor-made to your specifications, enhance simulation software for more functions, such as for Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) and integrate to request your software on many different levels, such as Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), Software-in-the-Loop (SIL), Model-in-the-Loop (MIL ) and Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL). We rely almost exclusively on the premium and commercially distributed software for your needs. 

It goes on and on! 

If you miss functions in your simulation environment, we will gladly incorporate for you.


Your benefits at a glance: 

  • HIL / SIL / MIL / VIL participate single code base 
  • Integration of existing software components into a simulation 
  • Integration of existing hardware in a simulation 
  • Extension of simulations 
  • Creating complete tool chains 
  • Conceptual work and consulting 
  • Test Automation