Driving Simulators

In the automotive industry, driving simulators are in a variety of applications in use:

  • Decision support in sales for the range of driver assistance systems
  • Development tool of novel systems
  • Edutainment systems (Eco Driving, driving school)
  • Entertainment systems (racing simulators)
  • etc.

Therefore, we distinguish the following basic types in driving simulators:

  • Simple driving simulators, which can range from really existing to future-oriented and concept-car-like cockpits
  • Driving simulators based on a vehicle, consisting partly or entirely of original parts of the passenger compartment
  • Driving simulators on motion platforms, giving the driving feel of a real ride

The driving simulators of Sedenius Engineering offer you the technological innovation and the optical and ergonomic design that places advanced technologies in the right spot. Our technical expertise and our partners offer an experience that is as unique as our driving simulators themselves.

Every product is unique and rivals through innovation, creativity and the high standards of the automotive industry in nothingness.

As a competent partner, you benefit from:

  • Longtime experience in driving simulation
  • Structure and participation in numerous simulators
  • In house development of driving simulators
  • Kundenspezifischen Lösungen für komplette Simulatoren und spezieller Komponenten (Pedalsysteme, Lenksysteme, Bedien- und Anzeigepanels) 

Our driving simulator concept can be flexibly adapted to your needs and consists of three basic models:

  • Single-seat driving simulator without central tunnel
  • Single-seat driving simulator with central tunnel
  • Two-seat driving simulator

which can all extend to a wide number of components, such as:

  • Force feedback wheel
  • Active pedals as automatic or manual switch
  • Touch displays
  • Entertainment systems
  • More interactive controls
  • etc.