ADTF VTD Connection Toolbox

The ADTF VTD Connection Toolbox is a collection of software components to evaluate VTD messages (Virtual Test Drive messages) in ADTF. The toolbox supports you with a whole range of classes which analyse RDB/SCP messages. You only have to care about data evaluation. Our ADTF VTD Connection Toolbox is compatible with VTD 2.0 and therefore a sound investment for the future.

Up to now it was necessary for RDB messages to be read out. Our ADTF VTD Connection Toolbox offers you the possibility to process data packets according to your needs (by overwriting the call-back in question).

VTD also has a Shared Memory (SHM), which our toolbox can access. This provides you the option of reading RDB messages and overwriting call-backs.

Bild eines VTD Image Generators

Image 1: ADTF video display presenting the images of a VTD Image Generator via Shared Memory

Image 2: Underlying ADTF configuration to present images via SHM

SHM also enables you to trigger the VTD Image Generator (IG).

In addition, our toolbox is capable of keeping a log of the message types received. This makes message evaluation even easier for you.

Your Benefits in Brief

  • Sending and receiving of RDB and SCP messages via Ethernet (UDP/TCP)
  • Overwriting of call-backs of corresponding message types
  • Triggering and reading of the VTD Image Generator via SHM 
  • Variety of logging functions

Toolbox Components 

  • Library for the use in ADTF
  • GUI for sending SCP messages (freely configurable)
  • Logging of RDB messages
  • Conversion of images
  • Access to SHM images
  • Trigger the image generator via SHM
  • Standalone application for logging RDB messages

System Requirements

The ADTF VTD Connection Toolbox  is currently available for the following platforms:

  • Linux 64 bit
  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit

Further Requirements

All current ADTF versions from ADTF 2.9.0. upwards are supported.  Please note that you need a valid ADTF license to run the Toolbox. Also consider that the Toolbox is license-based. Please make sure in advance that a valid interface definition by vires is available.