The ADTF-Runtime-Toolbox is a collection of software components (ADTF services) to extend an ADTF-Runtime-Environment. Thus it's possible to edit filter properties (e.g. activating or deactivating filters) or visualize whole ADTF configurations like using a runtime license.

Release 1.0.0 conatins the following components:

  • SE Property Editor
  • SE Configuration Viewer


SE Property Editor

This service provides functionality similar to the ADTF-Delevopment-Environment's Property Editor.

  • Change filter properties while configuration time (Requires the SE Configuration Viewer)
  • Change filter properties while configuration time with direct access to several ADTF filters
  • The SE Property Editor supports all usual ADTF properies and subproperties

SE Property Editor


SE Configuration Viewer

By using this service it's possible to visualize ADTF configurations and projects. Thus the user can analyze the configuration architecture and comprehend the dataflow even better. The SE Configuration Viewer is outstanding due to the sleak representation of specific ADTF elements.

  • The colour green represents that everything is allright and ready for operation
  • The colour red indicates that an ADTF element is corrupt or deactivated

The following two pictures show the original ADTF-Configuration-Editor in comparison to the SE Configuration Viewer:


ADTF Configuration Editor


SE Configuration Viewer

System Requirements

The ADTF-Runtime-Toolbox supports the following operating systems:

  • Linux 32 Bit
  • Linux 64 Bit
  • Windows 32 Bit
  • Windows 64 Bit

All ADTF version from 2.9.0 are supported. Please pay attention that the ADTF-Runtime-Toolbox still requires a valid ADTF runtime license. In addition the toolbox is license-linked. There are several types of licenses which are provided by us. Additional requirements aren't neccessary.