With the advanced graphics library GCL2 by Sedenius Engineering, you will have the opportunity to bring color into your visualizations. Make modern techniques of computer graphics available in your ADTF enviroment immediately.


For User

Beipiel für eine augmentierte Navigation mit Hilfe von GCL2

As a software vendor you want to have your data in the right place. With GCL2 it is easier then ever to show your vision in ADTF. Thus, a prototype for an augmented navigation system is just as easy to implement, such a virtual speedometer, picture-in-picture video and many other modern visualization techniques.


For Engineers

Beispiel für eine Datenvisualisierung mit Hilfe von GCL2

If, however, the facts should speak for themselves, GCL2 will be your choice. You need the data arranged in one point? How about a text box! You need the information where their matters? Why not writ them to the appropriate place right under the detected car! The vehicles tilt angle is important? Put this information right in the centrer of your attention!


Modern Visualizations for Modern Technologies

It's never been easier to create your data visualizations in ADTF. We are happy to advise you to put your information in the right light.