The ADTF-Filter-Generator is a graphical user interface, that allows you  to build a skeletal structure of a C++ class and its dependencies with only a few user interactions. This way you can fully concentrate on constructing new filters. So you can save a lot of time and money.


With input boxes you set the general information, which are necessary to make a new filter. Depending on the base class you can choose the methods which should be implemented.

Pins and properties can be added to a filter in an easy manner. Besides many options, like changeable value list are also possible. Furthermore the necessary files to a filter like stdafx.h, stdafx.cpp and CMakeList.txt wil be created, too.


The ADTF-Filter-Generator is based on many small simply templates, so it is possible to extent and adapt to your personally needs. The ADTF-Filter-Generator is available for Windows and Linux Systems.

Simple. Clever. Extensible.